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Jered Eastmond

Jered Eastmond

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 27: A young woman with a smartphone walks past a billboard advertisement for YouTube on September 27, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. YouTube has evolved as the world's largest platform for sharing video clips.

Breaking news from Twitter as the Minecraft Youtuber Dream is being dragged through social media platforms after his face reveal. With over 1.2 million viewers in a stream that lasted about five minutes, it is insane to think that this is generating so much hate.

Dream is one of if not the biggest Minecraft Youtuber on the platform with over 30 million subscribers and a massive following, along with his friends and fellow content creators in the Dream SMP group. However, a big factor in Dream’s popularity is that, unlike other content creators, Dream had never shown his face before. Leading to wide-scale speculation and leaks about what the 23-year-old actually looks like. The face reveal gained instant trending status on Twitter jumping to the top spot, as Dream has had prior controversies in the past due to cheating allegations among other things.

Well fans got their answer after Dream had announced that he would finally be revealing his face in a live stream that had other content creators such as Ludwig and PayMoneyWubby as well as thousands of fans and haters waiting for the mask to come off. Now some have taken to Twitter to roast Dream on his appearance and make fun of the fans who waited all this time.

  • Guess Who

  • Is This To Far or Not Far Enough?

    A lot are copying and reposting images like these saying the Youtuber looks like Shrek villain’s, though is this honestly going to far within the internet culture? Or should Dream have seen all this coming with his popularity reaching basically celebrity status.

  • Not All Of It Is Hate

    Of course Dream has a lot of those supporting him including his friends and those within his community, but I wonder if those making fun of his looks have a genuine reason to hate on him or are just doing it because it is trending?

  • Future Plans?

    The Youtuber’s whose real name is being reported as Clay, said during the stream that he does not plan on adding a face cam to his normal content, but does plan on making more IRL content with his friends in the future. This may include fan meetups as well something most of his followers would hope for.

  • Leaks Fact or Fiction?

    This is one of the leaks that sprung up at some point before Dream’s face was revealed. This caused massive debate and still does as to whether or not these photo’s are the same person. If so these shouldn’t be used as hate instead look forward and be positive, however Dream as not confirmed whether or not it is him.

  • Same Here

    I personally don’t keep up with Dream or his content, however with the popularity of Virtual Youtuber’s/Streamers (Vtubers) becoming a normal occurrence. It is rare for one to show their face especially one who has kept it a well guarded secret for so long. So I can get behind the hype it would generate when you consider all the factors.

  • Oh Ludwig

    Ludwig is another popular Streamer who recently moved to YouTube and was hosting a Dream face reveal watch party…. Yeah that shows how much attention this really had, but while waiting Ludwig drew his version on dream and well, Ludwig of course did this not meant to be taken as hate, but if put next to all the other content we’ve seen it may come across as such.

  • What Does This Mean For Others

    There are plenty other content creators that fans have been demanding a face reveal from, one is the popular content creator Corpse Husband, however with the reaction and subsequent roasting of Dream after his reveal will this discourage similar Streamers from ever revealing their face? Overall you shouldn’t hate on someone because of their looks and maybe some of these could be seen as funny or just a joke. But in the end Dream will continue to make content surrounded by fans and friends.

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