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1.Snakes …
Snake dreams can represent a rebirth and moving on. The snake is also representative of a toxic person or situation in your life that you’re trying to escape from.

2.Being Chased …
Dreams of being chased can indicate fear, close-mindedness or avoidance in your everyday life.

Dreams or nightmares about dogs can depend on the dog’s mood in your dream. Happy dogs can represent recovery or nurturing from a loved one, while dreams about aggressive dogs indicate communication issues.

4.Cats …
Being scratched by a cat in your dream can indicate feelings of being threatened while interacting with a happy cat can represent fertility, love or landing back on your feet after a tough situation.

5.Pregnancy …
Your pregnancy dreams could be an indicator of growth in your life, nurturing career opportunities, or they could symbolize starting again.

6.Flying …
If you dream about flying, this represents freedom or the desire to have freedom from a situation. If you are flying with ease in your dream this could be symbolic of you regaining control.

7.Hair Falling Out …
A dream about your hair falling out could mean that you are concerned about getting older and having to deal with everything that comes with aging including hair loss.

8.Falling …
Dreams about falling mean that you are feeling inadequate or are losing control

9.Crashing a car …
Dreams about crashing mean you might be feeling guilty about something that you have done in the past.

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  • Pregnancy


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  • hair falling out


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  • falling


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  • crashing a car

    crashing a car

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