Being a current Staten Island resident and with many New Jersey residents from the NYC borough, this one hurt for some of us. The fire took place in a small shopping center in Bulls Head, Staten Island and destroyed a total of four stores. The businesses that were affected were Top Tomato Supermarket, Glamour Nail Salon, Taqueria Mexican Restaurant and the Bagels Café. In the shopping center is a barber shop called Who’s Next, and my visit there yesterday to get my haircut was how I found out about the blaze. As I pulled up to the center I realized access to park inside the lot was blocked off by police and responding fire fighters. After I parked my car and walked my way to the barber shop I smelt the burn in the air and noticed all four stores absolutely destroyed. The barber shop, along with several other stores are on the other side of the lot and luckily were not effected by the fire.

The fire started around two o’clock in the morning at the Top Tomato Supermarket. It took nearly two hours to get the fire under control and one fire fighter was injured during the outbreak of flames and was taken to a local hospital to treat his injures.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

I took some photos of the destruction the fire caused, take a look below.

  • Shopping Center Parking Lot

    I took this photo as I was walking into the shopping center

  • Bagels Cafe

    This is the bagel shop my wife and I would go to every weekend to get some breakfast. So sad to see what happen to it.

  • Glamour Nails

    This is where my wife goes to get her nails done. So sad to see what happen to such a great business that my wife truly loves.

  • Glamour Nails Instagram Statement

    Love that they’re trying their hardest to take care of their customers during this tough time.

  • Taqueria Mexican Restaurant

    I grabbed some dinner here once before and the food was amazing. I hope they’re able to get it up and running again soon!

  • Top Tomato Supermarket

    They recently changed this store back to Top Tomato after it was an Associated Supermarket for a few years. Notice the grand opening sign still on display.