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Madonna released her self-titled debut album on July 27, 1983. From that day forth, the pop world was never the same, and that’s not hyperbole.

Madonna introduced a new energy, style and sound into the culture with her debut. It was both liberating and unapologetically feminine, with an undercurrent of toughness. Just looking at the cover of the album makes you realize this woman was a unique force all her own.

It’s remarkable looking back at how good this album is knowing what was to come from Madonna. Just think of the different genre elements she would explore and the many reinventions over the decades she would deliver. Thinking about it all is dizzying.

Madonna has sold 10 million copies worldwide, with five million selling in the United States. It’s considered one of the best debut albums of all time, and it’s easy to see why. Madonna only had eight tracks, but five of those tracks were released as singles. Trying to rank those singles is incredibly difficult, because they’re all truly iconic songs. Alas, we’re going to put on our jelly bracelets, sunglasses and lace gloves and give it a go. Here are the five singles from Madonna ranked.

  • 5. "Holiday"

    Once again, ranking these singles is incredibly difficult, but something had to be fifth. By no means are we saying “Holiday” is less-than; we just think the other four singles are better. Of course, “Holiday” is where people really started to pay attention. It was Madonna’s first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at no. 16.

  • 4. "Lucky Star"

    The reign of Madonna and her hold on pop culture really took off with “Lucky Star.” The song is undeniable, of course,  but when paired with the music video showing off Madonna’s then-signature look, it’s a sensation. Economists should really research the sales of items tied to “the Madonna look” from 1983, because that would be fascinating.

  • 3. "Everybody"

    The world’s first glimpse of Madge herself, “Everybody” is an anthemic call to the dancefloor that you can feel circulating in your body. It’s the song that helped Madonna get signed to Sire Records, which provided the launching pad for her to be the icon we know today. The sheer history felt in this song is almost overwhelming.

  • 2. "Burning Up"

    Forty years later, and this bop is still on fire! It’s got everything: An infectious beat, delicious lust and a shamelessness that remains aspirational. What a damn queen!

  • 1. "Borderline"

    This mid-tempo ballad still rules, even though it’s about a relationship falling apart. It’s basically the musical equivalent of Nicole Kidman saying, “Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this.” There’s that intangible painful feeling that manages to also be so incredibly comforting, and it’s been helping countless people get through breakups for four decades. It’s those reasons why we think “Borderline” is the best single from Madonna.

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