Magic 98.3 and The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital want to congratulate the 2022 Class of “Kids Who Make Magic!”’

  • Vincent

    Nominated By: Marni Victoria Kaiser, Mom 

    Vincent is 10 years, and anyone who comes in contact with him says he has a big heart and loves to stand up for others.  He was recently elected to the student council and is currently working on ideas to help seniors in the community.

    One of his many ideas is to have children from his school visit the local senior center or a nursing home each week to provide a few hours of companionship.  He understands that many seniors in these facilities are there with little or no family, and he realizes, despite his young age, that outside company means so much.

    Up until 2019, Vincent helped his mom care for his grandmother, and would always tag along running errands or helped to prep meals so his grandmother could live comfortably.

    For his success of getting elected to the student council and his willingness to help others, Vincent has been nominated into the 2022 Class of “Kids Who Make Magic!”

  • Sophia

    Nominated By: Bonnie Capes, Principal 

    Sofia has been a long-standing member of her school’s UNIFIED VIKINGS PROGRAM as a mentor to our students in the life-skills and multiply disabled programs. The Crossroads South Unified Vikings Program offers inclusive programs for kids with a variety of needs. The kids who participate get to interact through social and athletic events, such as Lunch Buddies, Unified Bowling, HAP (Help and Access Period) Gym, and the Unified Vikings after school club.

    Sofia’s leadership and compassion have been unmatched. During COVID, she joined many virtual game sessions and also participated in Special Olympics Events when school returned in person. She has been a member of the Unified sports club and continues to serve as a model for inclusivity. Our non-verbal students wave feverishly at Sofia when they see her in the halls. Perhaps most impressive, Sofia held a fundraising event at her home to raise funds for this initiative which is near and dear to her heart. In total Sofia donated $550 to her school program and $320 to the Special Olympics Organization.

    When talking to Sofia about her decision to donate to this program, she said, “I really like making the kids happy and I think it’s important to help them feel appreciated and supported. I feel that not everyone is kind to them because of their differences but their differences make them unique and special. I try to remind them of that.”

    Sofia is a wonderful student with a heart of gold, and that’s why she’s been nominated into the 2022 class of “Kids Who Makes Magic!”

  • Giuliana

    Nominated By: Vanessa Demma, Giuliana’s Mom

    Giuliana is an advocate for children who have cancer and life threatening diseases.  She sews custom pediatric hospital gowns through her nonprofit “G’s Giving Gowns.” She picks out bright, vibrant, fun patterns and uses prints like unicorns, superheroes, sports teams, and cartoon characters.

    She works hard sewing and has donated over 645 pediatric hospital gowns to kids from all areas in the tri state and beyond, including Canada, and many hospitals and foundations have also benefitted from her talents!

    She wants kids to wear these special gowns as a reminder they are STRONG, BRAVE, & LOVED, and has been an inspiration to many kids and their parents.  Anyone who comes in contact with Giuliana have commented how the gowns are a blessing and they’re thankful these children have something special they can feel excited to wear.

    For all of these reasons, Giuliana has been nominated into the 2022 class of “Kids Who Make Magic!”

  • Benjamin

    Nominated By: Brandt Steinhauser, Father

    As a little boy, Benjamin was taught to be kind and share with others, and when he was just 5 years old, he saw the news about the devastating fire that had occurred in Paradise, California, and decided to help by asking his his kindergarten class, friends at taekwondo, and his big sister to create handmade greeting cards to send to the families who suffered losses.

    Over the next few years, Ben developed a passion for baking and shared his creations with loved ones. At 8 years old, he became the youngest contestant ever to compete on Kids Baking Championship on Food Network. Since then, he has organized and run numerous fundraisers, including a custom cupcake stand where all proceeds to were donated to the Hillsborough High School Color Guard and Music Department, and most recently, a bake sale where the money raised was donated to Hurricane Relief in Florida.

    For these reasons, Benjamin has been nominated into the 2022 Class of “Kids Who Makes Magic!”

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