According to a new survey by Preply these are the most hated, never wanna hear them again, stop using them, enough already, buzzwords used in business. They surveyed 1500 of us to find out which word and phrases annoyed us the most. My least favorite isn’t on the list. I’ll share below, but check and see if yours made the list…

  • New Normal

    Like it or not, this is the way things are now

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  • Culture

    A company’s culture, mission statement, mode of operation, motto etc.

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  • Circle Back

    Revisiting a topic that you never wanted to visit

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  • Boots on the Ground

    Military reference that means putting employees on a project which probably includes you

    army pants and boots

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  • Give 110 Percent

    It’s impossible, and sometimes coworkers will up the percentage even more

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  • Low-Hanging Fruit

    Taking the easy way.

    Low hanging fruit

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  • Win-Win

    Everybody’s happy! Except with the use of this phrase.
    office meeting

  • Move the Needle

    When something moves forward or progresses

    old phonograph

  • Growth Hacking

    Inexpensive ways to market or sell. This can be done without “hacking” of any kind.

    Pie chart

  • Think Outside the Box

    We’ve all heard this one. Maybe they should do it and think of another way to say it.

    Cat inside a cardboard box.