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TikTok is a massive online platform that allows people to share entertainment, knowledge, and support around the world. However, it’s also been known for some dangerous trends like the devious lick trend (schools being damaged) or the whole Tide Pod being the forbidden candy trend.

With all these food “hacks” going around I wanted to personally list and warn you against some of the dumb and dangerous TikTok food trends that I cannot believe even exist in the first place.

While most of these popped up back in 2021 when people were locked inside their houses and clearly bored out of their minds, some might see these and think people actually are doing it now.

So let’s take a look at what you should never cook if you want to be the next Master Chef.

  • Sleepy Chicken

    In my personal opinion, this is one of the worst offenders on the list and its one you may have heard about. When you think of seasoning a chicken breast, some spices may come to mind, like salt, pepper, and maybe even a nice cajun if you’re feeling spicy! But NyQuil is going way too far, you should never use Nyquil or any type of medicine as a cooking ingredient. Though some over on Tiktok dubbed this the NyQuil Chicken Challenge and cooked raw chicken in the cold medicine, now the videos made on it were clearly satire, but still just don’t do this.

  • Garlic in your Nose

    When you’re down for the count with a cold, you should take medicine, to bad you used all your NyQuil for the first trend, but don’t worry. Tiktok has a totally ingenues hack to help clear your nose! Now hear me out, it involves shoving raw garlic in your nose. Now if you just thought to yourself “Wow that’s really dumb” you and I can be friends. Some over on TikTok however, thought this was a good idea, well not only can it ruin your nose, but it can cause other health issues as well. So if you have a stuffy nose just stick with realistic solutions.

  • Food Tables

    Okay this one is less dangerous and more just gross looking, when inviting a lot of people over especially for say Football Season, it’s common you’ll make or get a lot of food. Well, this trend has you doing away with the dishes and utensils and eating directly off your table. While this trend isn’t dangerous, it can be unsanitary. People are doing it primarily with nachos, and thankfully most are putting tin foil on their tables so as to not ruin their tables and the food.

  • Healthy Coke

    I hope this one is a joke, I really do. Coke a Cola is many things, but healthy is not one of them so while searching I found out people are putting balsamic vinegar and mixing it with coke. This is another just gross one, though unlike most of these other trends there is massive debate as to whether the drink is actually good, with some using the word rancid and others saying it tastes good under the right conditions. Still, I suggest if you want to drink something healthy, maybe try water.

  • Lean Bread

    Ah looks like we didn’t learn from the last time, but we are back to using modern medicine as an ingredient, but instead of cooking chicken, TikTok is baking bread using highly concentrated cough medicine. Called Lean Bread, taking part in this will mess you up, so do not do it under any circumstance the few videos made on the food trend are again satire and nobody is actually eating this.

  • Pink Sauce

    Now here is something that went further than it should have, even getting attention from the FDA. During this summer a viral TikTok showed a user dipping her food in an unknown pink sauce, which then was turned into an actual condiment that was sold. However, there was a ton of backlash and drama over the sauce’s ingredients. With some saying it looked a lot like Pepto Bismol.

  • Tide Pods

    How could we not add the trend that really started it all, for those who remember this was a TikTok Challenge that saw kids eating Tide Pods? Quickly becoming an internet meme it is still remembered to this day in our pod culture. But I feel like I shouldn’t have to say how incredibly dangerous it is to eat a tide pod. But just in case, it is not some sort of forbidden candy, never eat it!

  • Chlorophyll Water.

    Okay…. I know I said back in the health coke list that drinking water is good for you. And it is, but adding in Chlorophyll, the chemical compound in plants that make them green. It’s dumb in my opinion. But some experts say that at the very least it does not pose a health risk. There just isn’t enough data to confirm that it is the cure-all to problems like acne that TikTok claims it is. So I would just avoid it altogether because there are alternatives that actually do help.

  • Protein Powder

    So you wanna get ripped huh?! Hit the gym with all your biceps and triceps, and a part of that culture is protein supplements. A sometimes powder substance that gym enthusiasts put into their drinks. Nothing wrong there right? Well, some over on the social media platform have skipped a few steps and have been just ingesting the powder dry. I thought we as a society had learned from original trends like the cinnamon challenge from like 20 years ago. But I guess we needed a reminder as to why this is just a terrible idea.

  • Cereal Challenge

    Thankfully this is the last on the list, and I have to say somehow it’s just as dumb as all the rest. Cereal is a good way to start the morning for some even if you add ice or water or whatever you want to it. But the Cereal challenge is a potentially dangerous trend, that basically sees a friend powering cereal and milk as you lay back mouth open. This can be a choking hazard as well as just a messy cleanup. Overall I highly recommend you avoid all these trends for your own safety and the safety of those around you. Though I’m sure people will continue to make up either dumb or dangerous trends so just be safe before you try anything you see online.

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