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Nominated by their mother

For their 6th birthday, twin sisters Lauren and Mackenzie decided to collect Pajamas for children in need. They told everyone attending their party they preferred this over gifts. 3 years later, a new not for profit was born, and they took control over who received the pajamas.

They have been guest speakers at several elementary schools talking about the importance of community service, and now, at 14 years old, they’re on track to give out 10,000 pairs of pajamas for the upcoming holiday season!

In addition to talks at local schools they are also very involved in all aspects of fundraising and look after their 7 year old twin brothers!

Mackenzie has made the varsity girls soccer team and has been a starter since mid-season and Lauren is on the varsity swim team. They’ve been active at their school collecting food for local food pantries, and want to get everyone involved!

For all of these reasons, they’re both now “Kids Who Make Magic!”

Nominated by his mother

Nasir is the child any parent would be so proud to call their own! He’s always doing kind gestures for family, friends, and strangers! He’s respectful, polite and thoughtful; he’ll hold open a door, share a smile, and wish anyone a good day. He’s in the process of becoming a Hospital volunteer as his goal for when he’s older is to become an anesthesiologist!

If you look at Nasir, you’d never know that from the time he turned 7 years old to the present, he’s battling Type 1 Diabetes. Almost immediately, he adjusted to getting daily insulin injections and finger sticks to check his glucose. He doesn’t let it interfere with his life as a teenager, and is constantly being complimented by everyone because he never complains or asks “why me?”

This past summer, he was nominated to become a leader next year at Camp Nejeda, a diabetes camp for type 1 children that he’s been a part of for the past 6 years! He’s beyond excited to be able to help little ones with type 1 diabetes, and everyone knows he’ll be a good mentor. He’s an honor roll student, and recently took his first year of sign language and hopes to continue to learn ASL to help others.

Nasir is a one of a kind teenager who continues to help and inspire others, and this is why he’s now in the 2019 class of “Kids Who Make Magic!”

Nominated by: Amanda Carlson, Child Life Specialist, Gift/Donation Recipient working at Saint Peter’s

Allen is the type of child, who despite his young age, always wants to make a difference. When his friend Mathew was being treated at the hospital, he contacted Amanda and asked about making a donation in Mathew’s name. Amanda didn’t know what to expect, but she had a feeling from speaking with Allen that he was special.

Allen’s a hockey player, and this year was special as he was was selected as a Henrik Lundqvist Youth Ambassador. As part of the program, he had to perform a community service project that would benefit Children’s healthcare. Allen decided to do a toy drive, and created posters and flyers for his school, hockey team, friends and family. Throughout the collection process Allen sent Amanda photos and updates.

When the collection was over, Allen came to the hospital with his parents and a TRAILER full of toys, games, sports equipment, even toiletries & crafts… all things the hospital depends on to keep the shelves full for the kids!

Amanda praised Allen’s parents for his professionalism, and because of Allen’s donations, it was like “Christmas in July” this past summer at the hospital! He worked so hard, and as a result, the staff was able to provide for the patients. The hospital is holding a fundraiser in December, and Allen happily volunteered once again to help gather presents and donations.

Allen is only 13 years old, but he’s already off to a good start making a difference in the community and the lives of others dealing with illness.   For all these reasons, and many more, he’s now in the 2019 class of “Kids Who Make Magic!”

Nominated by her Mother

Delali is a very committed and creative individual who gives her time and talent by serving in her community of South Brunswick.

Since 6th grade, she’s been a part of the South Brunswick Commission on Women, an organization that encourages leadership among young women and girls, and as a member, she’s responsible for creating marketing and providing student input.

Delali is also a volunteer and program assistant for a Central New Jersey based non-profit organization called “MyGOAL Autism.”  She creates videos, posters, and program booklets for their events and activities that help create awareness for families affected by Autism.

At South Brunswick High School, she belongs to the Viking Volunteer Club, and at her house of worship, she serves as a team leader among the youth group  Her work and commitment does not match her age and she works hard and is always eager to go the extra mile.

For all of these reasons and more, Delali has been inducted into the 2019 Class of Kids Who Make Magic!

Nominated by his Mother

Mike was 9 years old when he lost his dad to cancer. He and his family would accompany his dad to the hospital for treatments, and Mike noticed that in addition to other adults, there were also children were being treated, so he decided to hold fundraisers through social media to purchase toys and games for the children in the hospital.

He’s been doing this for over 4 years now, and it’s wonderful that after a child is treated, they get to pick out a present from the hospital “toy chest.” So far, Mike and his sister have collected enough money to refill the toy chest 12 times, and the next trip they’ll make will be for the holidays.

Mike’s motto is “I want to put smiles on everyone’s faces, and bring some joy to a sometimes scary and stressful time.”   Mikes family is super proud of him and his efforts to make others happy, and this is why he’s now a “Kid Who Makes Magic!”


Nominated by her father

Isabella has a passion for community service, serving others, and has a keen eye on issues pertaining to social justice. She’s is an active member of her church where she spends summer vacations serving as a Bible School assistant.  She also volunteers with “Habitat For Humanity” and other local charities.

Moved by gun violence being so prevalent, she started a club at her school called “No More Silence, End Gun Violence” and has enlisted the school principal to volunteer his time to be the adult moderator of the club!

Izzy is also a passionate dancer, and hopes as she gets older she can become a leader of a dance studio that will help students in both educational and therapeutic ways.

For all of these reasons and more, Isabella is a “Kid Who Makes Magic!”

Nominated by her mother

Elizabeth developed a deep passion to help kids with cancer as a result of her younger brother’s battle against bone cancer. Connor was only 11 years old when he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Elizabeth saw first hand what kids with cancer have to go through. Connor is doing well today but his fight against cancer left a deep impression in Elizabeth’s heart and soul.

Elizabeth established an organization called “Smash Kids Cancer.” Her mission is to raise awareness of childhood cancer and bring hope to children with cancer, and this past May, sh organized a very successful fundraising event to benefit pediatric cancer research entitled “Smash Kids Cancer Music and Food Festival.”  This event, combined with online donations, raised over $20,000, and the money was donated Memorial Sloan Kettering’s MSK Kids for pediatric cancer research!

In addition to supporting kids with cancer, Elizabeth also volunteers at the Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, and works with both inpatient and outpatient children in martial arts, culinary art, and teen activities.  She also loves to sing at her church, mentor fellow students, and volunteer to assist teachers with various projects.

Elizabeth is an incredible young lady with a big heart.  She loves to make a difference in her community and beyond, and this is why Elizabeth is now a “Kid Who Makes Magic!



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