Joel Katz

Valentine’s Day

1 New Jersey Singer Lands in Top 10 of Most Romantic Valentine Songs

At one time or another, we’ve searched for a perfectly romantic song. Maybe it’s for a special someone. Maybe it’s for a wedding or Valentine’s Day. To help make that search a little easier, a new study has revealed the top most romantic songs featured in love playlists on Spotify. The research was conducted by QRFY, who used Playlist Miner to find the top one thousand playlists containing love songs. The playlists were then analyzed to find the romantic songs that appeared the most. The study revealed that Perfect by Ed Sheeran takes the top spot. It has 2.7 billion streams worldwide and was found almost 130 times in the playlists. The song also appears in the top 100 songs in wedding playlists. It’s a former number one on both the US and UK charts as well. All of Me by John Legend was second, it showed up 120 times in playlists. He wrote it for his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and performed it at their wedding. The third goes to James Arthur's 2016 hit Say You Won't Let Go. It’s romantically featured in 98 playlists and has amassed over 2.6 billion streams. Playing into fourth place, I Wanna Be Yours by the Arctic Monkeys occurred 77 times across the playlists. It’s been played over 1.8 billion times. Fun fact: The lyrics were written by poet John Cooper. Only Repeat Artist Ed Sheeran made another appearance on the list at number 5 Thinking Out Loud was featured 76 times in most romantic love song playlists. Then there's Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx which was found 74 times in most romantic playlists and is number six on the list. Like John Legend, Richard wrote the song to his wife as a love letter. New Jersey Newark, New Jersey’s very own Whitney Houston should be at number one but landed at lucky seven with I Will Always Love You. Close to two billion streams for the Dolly Parton cover that was featured in the movie The Bodyguard. It’s also the lucky seventh best-selling single of all time at twenty-four million plus. Foreigner's I Want to Know What Love Is is the eighth most romantic love song. Sharing the ninth most common spot was Peter Cetera's Glory of Love and Ruth B.'s Dandelions. In at number ten is Calum Scott's You Are The Reason which earned over a billion music video views last year. [select-listicle listicle_id="867644" syndication_name="harry-styles-sexiest-lyrics" description="yes"]