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Maryann's RVing Vacation

My husband and I have talked about Rving National Parks for years. Every time we pass an RV on the highway I always mention that we should buy one. After our trip to Yosemite, I realize renting one as opposed to buying one is the way to go for us!

Can There be Phone Addiction?

When I was asked to write a blog about my cell phone use, I immediately started writing in fear that if I didn't my phone would be taken away! I admit, I'm addicted! I have alerts that sound and vibrate to keep me up with the latest news, the changing weather, my emails, texts, yadda,…

Can The Food We Eat Really Affect Certain Diseases?

If you missed us this morning, I found an article from a 50 year old guy who claims he changed his mother's diet and she began to recognize him again. His 82 year old mother was hospitalized with dementia and didn't even know who he was anymore. Instead of the prescribed medication, he tried an…