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Valentine’s Day Naked Scavenger Hunt at Philadelphia Art Museum

We have officially entered the month of love and people are trying to figure out what they can do with their partner for a fun Valentine's Day celebration. Here is something different to do with your partner on the Saturday before  Valentine's Day! I am not sure if I feel comfortable enough to go romping around a museum naked, nor would I feel comfortable about seeing others in the buff,  but if you, like me, don't mind seeing naked statues, this is for you. I am  talking about a naked scavenger hunt for you and your boo this Valentine’s Day.  The Philadelphia Art Museum is offering the fun event,  luckily it won’t be you that’s getting naked. It’s the statues that will be in the nude. You can take a date to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Feb. 11 and play a game by looking at nudity in art through the centuries to answer questions. Watson Adventures runs the Naked Scavenger Hunt, which focuses on nudity in art, where it originated.  According to the press release for the scavenger hunt, attendees will find "Saints with shocking piercings, a sultry sea monster,  Exotic gods with many arms, and a Peeping Tom!" Maryann Morgan Listen to Joel Katz and Maryann Morgan every weekday morning from 6:00 to 10:00 AM for everything you need to get you workday moving in the right direction.  Joel and Maryann keep you informed with news updates at the top of every hour, traffic and weather three times an hour, and Entertainment Updates at 6:10 AM and 8:10 AM. Check out “What’s Trending” at 7:10 AM and “What Are You Talking About” at 9:10 AM.