Joel Katz

New York Mets

A Fantastic Father’s Day Phillies Food Fest

Another Father’s Day has passed, and this was one of the best in recent memory for me and my dad. My father, Harold, will turn eighty-nine this year so every day, especially every Father’s Day is a blessing. I was a kid once, and like many kids, I think my dad is the best dad ever. He did everything you would expect or want from a dad. He was always there for everything, taught me many things, and I can’t remember a day that we had any type of argument or major disagreement. One of the things we have in common is our love for the Philadelphia Phillies. For Father’s Day this year, my wife had the wonderful idea to have a Phillies-themed watch party celebration for us. Kathleen loves to plan and entertain, and along with my parents and our kids, we had a great time watching the Phillies game and enjoying all kinds of ballpark eats. Kathleen created many of the foods that are served at Citizen’s Bank Park where the Phillies play their home games. The Phils were away this Father’s Day, so we attended a home game on the big screen with the ballpark tasty fare in our luxury box seats aka family room sofa and chairs. Father’s Day Fare One of the menu items was 1883 Burger Company Burgers and Franks. They’re a vendor at the park that serves, among other things, burgers and hot dogs. We had “Harold Hamburgers,” and “Harriet Hot Dogs.” Yes, those are my parent’s names. They’ve married sixty-five years, but the burgers were fresher than that. Colbie’s Southern Kissed Chicken is another favorite at Phillies games. A Father’s Day favorite, because “Harold has never met a chicken he didn’t like … to eat.” Kathleen’s creation, in my biased opinion, was better than the ballpark version. Just like Colbie’s, Kathleen’s chicken sandwiches were “also available with grilled chicken.” The most amazing feat was Kathleen’s recreation of Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries. They have been a Philly staple for close to fifty years, French fries with Old Bay seasoning and cheese dipping sauce. [caption id="attachment_887688" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Old Bay seasoned French fries[/caption] We also enjoyed the “Greens and Grains Wedge Bar” with salad wedges and various vegetarian fare. The “Yard Bar” served alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (Seltzers, Iced Teas, Wine, and Beer). Thankfully, the beer was much cheaper than the $7.75 they charge at Citizens Bank Park. And what baseball game would be complete without peanut and cracker jacks? These were featured at “Shibe Park Eatery.” Shibe Park is a throwback to where the Phillies used to play, and where my dad used to attend the games when he was a kid. It also had sunflower seeds and cotton candy. Finally, we had “Old City Creamery” soft serve ice cream in the miniature baseball batting helmet bowls as they serve at the park. We even had the choice of rainbow or chocolate sprinkles aka jimmies. However you spent the day, I hope your 2024 Father’s Day was the best ever!