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Country Artist Bryan Ruby Live In Studio With Joel Katz

I welcomed special guest, Country music artist and former Pro Baseball Player, Bryan Ruby into the studio yesterday morning to have a chat and sing a song. He’s currently on his “Summer Heartbreak Tour,” and last night he performed his “chill country version” of the Star Spangled Banner at TD Bank Ballpark before the Somerset Patriots game. Bryan Ruby grew up in the area but is now based in Nashville, Tennessee where he’s written multiple successful songs for other artists. Lately, he’s been writing for himself and it sounds like he’s having much success doing it all on his own. Bryan Ruby's Forthcoming EP Next month, his sophomore EP “Bryan Ruby – Found and Lost” will be released. It features songs “If You Would Have Told Me” and “Return a Ring.” The latter he performed in the studio for me and it honestly gave me chills. Bryan says his new single “Return a Ring” is “About the vulnerability of letting go and searching for closure in the midst of heartbreak. I hope it touches the hearts of those who listen to it." I love how he mentions grandma and grandpa, his Chris Stapleton record, and his Taylor Swift tickets in the song. Check out my interview with Bryan Ruby, and his performance of “Return a Ring” here: [audio mp3=""][/audio] Bryan shared, “I do a lot for a charity called ‘Proud To Be In Baseball,’ and tonight is ‘Pride Night’ with the Patriots so we’re supporting that.” His 2023 debut EP, “Diamonds Are Forever,” was mainly about baseball and growing up on the baseball field. It’s been a grind for Bryan Ruby, but he’s loved the ride so far. He took off for Nashville not knowing anyone. He would go to bars every night of the week meeting singers and learning what kind of songs they had and were looking for. If artists needed help writing or finishing songs, Bryan would volunteer to lend a hand. His generosity led to a network of musicians and studios that enabled him to make his own records. Check out everything Bryan Ruby at