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Jersey’s Most Feared Halloween Movie Creature

It's just about Halloween in New Jersey and this time of year is when we discuss and enjoy all things scary (and pumpkin spice), but let's stick with the scary for now. Of course, there are the frightening monster and ghoul costumes that get dusted off and worn for trick-or-treating and Halloween parties. The gasp-worthy, spine-chilling, and hair-raising decorations that we all display to terrify and petrify. And then there are the sinister and eerie movie monsters that cause us to curl up in our seats as we watch in horror. Well, the fine folks at frontierbundles.com set out to find out which witches, monsters, and ghouls were most popular in each state across the United States. Here's the breakdown for each state, and before you scroll try to guess which one was found to be the most popular Google-searched horror movie villain in New Jersey. You're probably not going to guess correctly...

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