It’s been a few days since we got word that Buffalo Wild Wings was being sued for false advertisement by a man from Chicago, who claimed the boneless wings being sold at the franchise were being mislabeled for what he thinks they really are. That Being chicken nuggets according to the suit.

From Fox Business The defendant also claims that the public would either pay less or not buy the product at all if they knew about this. First and foremost I would 100% still buy them, but that’s just me. Secondly, Buffalo Wild Wings posted on their Twitter in such a sarcastic and trolling manner stating that yes it’s all true.

I for one was really disappointed to learn that there is no ham in hamburgers. What’s next? Are you going to tell me French fries aren’t actually French? I mean the whole situation seems wild, but there are some online that have mixed opinions about the lawsuit.

Personally, I think this is just insane, they’ve been selling boneless wings for twenty years I see nothing wrong with them. Certainly not the taste that’s for sure.

Though according to the lawsuit Mr. Halim suffered a financial injury due to the alleged deceptive nature of the product. This isn’t the first time that a wing debate has sprung up as other companies do the exact same thing as Buffalo Wild Wings.

To me, this is just a lawsuit-happy case, that now has hundreds fighting about it over the internet. Will anything actually change once the lawsuit is finished? The answer is most likely no, but this could possibly change how places that offer boneless wings market them.