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A protestor interrupts Avril Lavigne speaking onstage at the 2023 JUNO Awards at Rogers Place on March 13, 2023 in Edmonton, Canada.

Things got crazy during Canada’s Juno Awards Monday night (March 13) while Avril Lavigne was on stage introducing a musical guest. As the “Complicated” singer walked on stage to introduce AP Dhillon, a topless woman appeared right behind her.

The woman, who was only wearing pink pants and silver pasties covering her nipples, was posing behind Lavigne. Speaking about Dhillon selling out shows in Canada and the US, Lavigne says, “Get the f— off,” when she notices her. “Get the f— off, bitch!” The singer-songwriter laughs as she gives her a little shove and security appears to help escort the protester off the stage so Lavigne can get back to introducing the artist.

Making it clear that it was AP’s moment, the 38-year-old did her best to continue her speech about her fellow Canadian, who is the “first ever Punjabi act to perform at the Junos.” Dhillon, who performed “Summer High,” posted the crazy moment on his Instagram Stories today, adding laughing emojis to praise how Avril handled the situation. Seemingly after the awards show, the two posed together to say, “Get the f— off, bitch!”

The protestor’s body appeared to be covered in messages including “Save the Green Belt.” According to CTV News, the protestor’s messages seemed to reference a housing development plan recently rolled out by the government in Ontario.

After winning her fourth Fan Choice Award later in the evening, the “What the Hell” singer jokingly warned that she better be the only one onstage. “Now nobody try anything this time,” she said. “Or the Canadian will come out in me and I’ll f— a bitch up.” Host Simu Liu praised the musician for “handling that topless lady like a champion.”

Avril took to Twitter following the show, sharing with fans what the night meant to her. She wrote: “This is my 10th Juno Award and 4th Fan Choice Award. Let’s keep rocking and cheers to the next 20 years! P.S. – ‘Get the f— off bitch!'”

20 Pop Songs That Turn 20 In 2022

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  • Trouble - Pink

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  • Hella Good - No Doubt

  • Gimme The Light - Sean Paul

  • Bootylicious - Destiny's Child

  • Beautiful - Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell Williams

  • Jenny from the Block - Jennifer Lopez

  • I Need A Girl Part 1 - P. Diddy feat. Usher & Loon

  • How You Remind Me - Nickelback

  • Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake

  • She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

  • The Ketchup Song (Asereje) - Las Ketchup

  • Complicated - Avril Lavigne

  • Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

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