A cow looks on at a farm in the town of el-Batten, about 35 kilometres west of Tunisia's capital, on January 20, 2023. (Photo by FETHI BELAID / AFP) (Photo by FETHI BELAID/AFP via Getty Images)

Billionaire Bill Gates has invested in an Australian climate technology start-up company that plans to reduce the methane emissions of cow burps.  Methane is the most common greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide.  You may be wondering how methane is produced in cows and other livestock. It happens when their stomachs are breaking down the food they are eating such as grass for digestion.  The NY Post says Bill Gates aims to fight climate change by stopping cows from burping. He wants cows to eat a dietary supplement that prohibits methane from being created. Does Bill realize other animals such as goats and deer also give off methane gas while digesting their food?  Does he plan on going into the woods and giving them a supplement too? I may sound a little cranky because I feel like they need to stop playing with our food and let us eat off the natural substances of the land such as letting the cows eat natural grass without any type of additives placed in the food they are consuming.  Are the cow and deer burps really that bad that we have to give them a supplement or are we getting a little to carried away with this “go green” thing?

Bill says the supplement doesn’t cost much. That is easy for him to say with all his money, but I personally know farmers who sold their cows recently because farming and feeding them cost more money than they were making by selling the milk and meat.  I do know University studies have shown that feeding cows seaweed could significantly cut their methane emissions. Seaweed is a natural product but I hear they are working on a synthetic version. Synthetic is something that imitates a natural product.   Over $12 million is being poured into the project.

Maryann Morgan

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