(Original Caption) 6/13/1985-Bloomfield, NJ- President Reagan and NJ Governor Thomas Kean hold up a huge 1040 Income Tax Return with a "No" symbol on it during the Chief Executive's visit here 6/13. Reagan said he has his "veto pen ready" for any tax increase proposals.

Tax season is officially here.  Starting today, Monday, January 23, the IRS will start accepting 2022 tax returns and begin issuing refunds. I do not even know why, but I am the one who usually calls my tax guy at the last minute, in a panic of course, telling him that I need to drop my paperwork off.  I am hoping this year that I can be different and actually be a little ahead of the tax game this year!  Getting all the year end statements for me just seems like such a chore!  This year’s deadline to file is Tuesday, April 18th – giving procrastinators a few extra days due to April 15th falling on a Saturday this year.

Hoping to get your refund quickly?  Better file online – people who file electronically with direct deposit can expect their refund within 21 days. Paper returns could take much longer, with the IRS already sitting on a massive backlog.Your refund might be smaller this year, with several pandemic-era tax breaks coming to an end.

Maryann Morgan

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