04 April 2022, Hamburg: Tatjana Yahodka, the first refugee Ukrainian teacher at Hamburg schools, writes "Welcome" on the blackboard in Ukrainian in a classroom at Louise Weiss Gymnasium. Photo: Markus Scholz/dpa (Photo by Markus Scholz/picture alliance via Getty Images)

I always liked a teacher who was approachable, to the point where I could feel comfortable sharing a joke with them or could go to them if I had a problem.

I also think it is important for a teacher to at least seem happy about teaching the subject.  When a teacher smiled a lot, I seemed more engaged in the subject matter as opposed to drifting off in a daydream.

A new study by the University of Essex reveals that students respond better to teachers with warm and supportive voices than they do to ones with strict voices.

Researchers played pre-recorded teacher voices to 250 children. The students responded better to teachers with supportive tones than they did to teachers with strict, cold tones.

Researchers say, “We often think about what teachers say to their students, but we rarely talk about how they say it. But the tone of voice teachers use really matters and the way we modulate our voice can have profound effects on listeners.

The tone of voice is a powerful way to convey teachers’ caring, understanding, and openness. It’s easy to forget when we are stressed or tired, but teachers can provide a positive learning environment when they are thoughtful in how they use their tone of voice.”

Maryann Morgan

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9 Things You Need If You Spend Your Entire Day At Your Computer

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As someone who spends over 8 hours at a computer per day and then on my phone scrolling through various social media profiles for the other parts, it’s no surprise that I’m one of the best people to put a list like this together.  I have a ton of cool things that I keep on my desk that are great for keeping near you while you’re on the computer. So here are some of my favorite things you need if you spend your entire day at your computer.

  • 1) Monitor Stand

    I have second monitor so that I can utilize two screens while I’m working. And this is great because it’s only under $40 and it helps you keep things organized. You can hold all of your notepads, pens, and other desk supplies which can be very helpful.

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  • 2) Laptop Stand

    Speaking of stands, the laptop stand is so great. For those of you who don’t want to be looking down all day at your laptop, you need this. Of course, it’s really straightforward, but it’s also great for those of you like me with second monitors. It puts the screens at a more level position. 

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  • 3) Headphone Stand & Charger

    Even if you’re not a gamer you will definitely find some value in this tool. It connects to the bottom of your desk and it holds your headphones, but it can also charge your cellphone and Apple watch.

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  • 4) Monitor Memo Board

    For all my sticky note folks, you need this for your computer! It attaches to the side of your monitor and you can add all of your sticky notes to yourself. Which can be super helpful if you’re someone who needs them to be right in your first.

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  • 5) USB Fan

    Never worry about your office being too hot with a nice USB fan for your desk. This one is available in black and copper!

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  • 6) Streaming Light For Computer

    We’re all still on video calls and such, right? Well, if you are like me and you do attend a lot of video calls, having a steaming light is actually really helpful. It definitely helps if you have poor lighting in your office and it’s super easy to connect to your computer. 

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  • 7) Cup Holster For Desk

    This is definitely an interesting item to have, but… it will definitely save you from a bad spill on your keyboard. This cup holster attaches to your desk and can fit most cup sizes.

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  • 8) Keyboard Vacuum

    If you’re spending a lot of time at your desk, you’re probably also eating from it too right? Well, in order to combat the crumbs that definitely fall into your keyboard you’re going to want this. It comes with multiple attachments which makes it great for getting lots of crumbs out.

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  • 9) 3 Pack of Blue Light Glasses

    And you can’t forget the blue light glasses. It’s helpful to have these if you are on the computer all day. It will definitely alleviate the strain you may not even feel yet. But it will definitely help you have fewer headaches. 

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