A worker organizes shopping carts outside a Target store in Hyattsville, Maryland, US, on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022. Target Corp. is expected to release earnings figures on November 16. Photographer: Sarah Silbiger/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Do you return your shopping carts? When I see people being lazy by not taking their cart to the proper drop off and leave it in the middle of the parking lot so the wind can blow into my car door,  that really gets under my skin! I usually park far away from the store so I do not have to deal with a dinged door upon my return.  Apparently, no matter where you park, you can not escape this new viral trend.

Police are alerting those who drive to the supermarket to be aware of a new viral prank. Apparently, people are surrounding parked vehicles with shopping carts and lying in wait to record their victims’ reactions.  KOTV reports Oklahoma police are dealing with this new viral craze and want car owners to know the pranksters are doing it for views. Basically, the stronger their victims react, the more likely they are to post it on social media for attention.

A woman named Henrietta Love, was victimized by this prank and said the ordeal wasted two hours of her life. The pranksters claimed they worked at the grocery store and urged her to find their manager, because their manager supposedly ordered them to surround her car in shopping carts. They apparently recorded her throughout the incident. Henrietta said, “They want to catch people saying ugly things,” she said, adding the pranksters recorded her. “I wish they would just go get a real job.” Her concern is that pranksters could target the wrong person.

So if you get to your car and it’s surrounded by shopping carts, just smile and push them away, otherwise you’ll become a video that everyone will be watching!

– Maryann Morgan

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