New Jersey throughout the years has produced tons of hit artists as either actors like Joe Pesci or music artists like Jon Bon Jovi, now meet Elliott Fullam, an actor, musician, and interviewer who has been working hard to build his career since he was the age of nine. 

Elliott runs the YouTube channel Little Punk People alongside his supportive parents as he pursues a career in music, but in the meantime, the now 17-year-old has built up quite the resume working on some television series such as Instinct (2018) and more recently the upcoming horror sequel film Terrifier 2 (2022), However, this young star isn’t quite finished yet as he has now gone onto release an album called What’s Wrong. 

The most insane thing about Elliott’s album is that he did it all by himself, from vocals to the keys to even the drums which Elliott said in an interview with NJ Digest was created using a drum machine as to not disturb his neighbors. But it is all of him which just speaks to the talents of a New Jersey resident who isn’t even 18 yet. The album features elven songs that transfer Elliot’s emotions and passion into music. 

What are the young artist’s favorites though? When asked his top picks for inspiration were Elliot Smith, Duster, Mazzy Star, and more. Elliott was also asked what he thought about New Jersey’s music scene saying New Jersey, in general, has a lot of grit compared to other states which are most certainly true. However, he also claims the vastly changing weather in New Jersey and the garden states natural environment helps inspire him.  

Overall, this shows just how talented residents from New Jersey can be, and hopefully, we can expect to see much more from Elliott as he continues his dream. If you never want to miss a single moment here with us at Magic 98.3 then consider signing up for our newsletter so you can see all the great things happening in the garden state. 

Ryan Reynolds Breaks Internet With Deadpool Tweet

Ryan Reynolds gave Deadpool fans a delightful shock earlier tonight with a single tweet. The tweet included some long-awaited information about the next Deadpool film.

In a video that sees him sitting on a couch and talking to the camera, he notes that the Deadpool team wasn’t at Disney’s annual D23 event, and so there was no Deadpool news at the event’s Marvel panel. The video had a serious tone (which led any Deadpool fan to realize that the other shoe was about to drop). In it, Reynolds discussed how Deadpool’s “first appearance in the MCU needs to feel special.”

“It’s been an incredible challenge that has forced me to reach down deep inside and I… have nothing.”

“But,” he adds, “We did have one idea.” As a familiar figure walks behind him and climbs the stairs, he says, “Hey Hugh? You want to play Wolverine one more time?”

Hugh Jackman, sounding very disinterested, answers, “Yeah, sure Ryan.” From there, we hear Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” but the closed captioning reads, “And I will always love Hugh.” The graphic then says, “Coming Hughn.” But not too “hughn!” We then see the Deadpool logo with three (adamantium clawe) slashes across it, and then “9.6.24.” See how twitter reacted to the hughee announcement below.

  • Ryan delivered on his promise

  • The victory we needed

  • He's back!

  • Okay, it's happening!

  • What were you saying?

  • Insta stories is about to go snikt

  • This guy's not into it

  • Hugh back!

  • It's gonna be hugheee

  • A reasonable response

  • No one asked you, bro

  • Cool logo