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I would love to be able to have a 3 day weekend every week!  I would easily agree to work 12 hours a day if it meant I can get an extra day off a week.  I would take off on Fridays in hopes that Mondays would not seem that bad anymore!  In reality, this would not be an option for people in radio because we need to bring you the latest news, weather and traffic. This may be a reality for the majority of people in the workforce though.

Gizmodo says employers may go to a four-day work week because of a new study currently being run by the non-profit 4 Day Global. Over 3,300 employees are taking part in the six-month study to see if a four-day work week is more productive than a five-day work week. Study participants are halfway through the experiment. 88% of employees and employers say the four-day week is working well. 86% of employers will most likely go to a four day work week because productivity has increased by 46%. Some businesses are doing 40% better financially.

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