GAZA CITY, GAZA - NOVEMBER 28: Palestinian children attend a film show inside Cinema bus in Gaza city on November 28,2021 in Gaza City, Gaza. Gaza's first cinema was built in 1944 and by the 1960s there were as many as 10 operating, however political disputes, conflict, and religious reasons caused the closure of all cinemas during the first Palestinian intifada in 1987 and they continued to remain closed due to government and religious restrictions. The last show in a cinema was screened 24 years ago. Today, traces of only three of the old cinemas remain, Al-Nasr Cinema and Amer Cinema are still standing, although heavily damaged and abandoned and the third, Al-Samer Cinema has been turned into a car licensing facility. Recently, a fully equipped mobile cinema bus was established and has once again given Gaza residents a chance to experience the feeling of watching a film at the cinema, an event many have never experienced in their lives. The shuttering of cinemas forced many residents to seek out other ways of viewing and screening films, makeshift street cinemas, home projectors and cafe film screenings are all ways people have found to take in a film, with the opening of the new cinema bus, which can accommodate up to 50 passengers and creates the real experience of stepping into a cinema hall, it brings an opportunity for residents of all ages to once again be immersed in the cinema experience, bringing hope and a reprieve from the struggles of daily life in Gaza. (Photo by Fatima Shbair/Getty Images)

Recovery Month is a special time of year where we try to educate those on the topic of substance use as mental health as well as to honor those who not only work in the field of recovery but those who battle addiction every day. That’s why this year you could earn $1,000 by simply watching movies. 

The team over at Rehab Media has put together a contest looking for the perfect movie watcher to view six movies revolving around addiction & recovery and to write a review for each on their choice of social media. Though you will have to watch all six movies in a short amount of time, in whichever order you choose. As a reward for spreading awareness and watching all of the films, you will be awarded $1,000 for your efforts, not a bad deal, right? Some movies revolve around common addictions such as substance abuse and alcoholism but some revolve around the creation of recovery services such as the movie ‘My Name Is Bill W.’ which focuses on the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Overall if you think you have a love for all things cinema and can write a touching review about all six films in a short amount of time then you could be the chosen one and walk away with that $1,000 as well as those good vibes for spreading awareness, to enter and to see a full list of the movies you’d be watching Click Here. 

With Recovery Month being such an important month, we have to do our best to support those struggling with their own battles as well as support those who head the call of duty every day to help those people. So, it’s really heartwarming to see a contest like this. The application deadline is September 30th with the chosen one being selected five days after submission close time. So always keep your eyes open as we bring you more feel-good content right here at Magic.

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