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This topic caused much debate this morning on Joel and Maryann in the Morning.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal there’s a new trend happening in companies, businesses and organizations throughout the country.

With the pandemic blurring the lines between work and home, people have been using quiet quitting as a way to set more boundaries between their professional and personal lives.

The new form of “quitting” sees people keeping their jobs, but mentally stepping back from the burdens of work. For example, working the bare minimum number of hours and not making their jobs an important center of their lives.

24 year old Zaid Khan shares in his TikTok post that he recently heard about it and it’s “…not outright quitting your job, but you’re quitting going above and beyond. You’re still performing your duties but you’re no longer subscribing to the hustle culture mentality that work has to be your life.”

The WSJ says The Data shows the trend of workers putting limits on their job and work life. It seems to be most popular among people just starting out in their careers, those who are in their early twenties.

According to the WSJ report, Jim Harter, chief workplace scientist at Gallup, “Being connected to a mission or purpose is a high priority for the younger generation…That’s something they want but they’re not experiencing in their current workplaces.” In 41 year old Clayton FarrisTikTok video he asks, “Have you ever tried quiet quitting?

He also says, “That’s what I’ve been doing against my will, that’s what my body and my mind have been forcing me to do. It’s quietly quitting the stress and the worry and the hustle.” He goes on to say that he still works just as hard and gets just as much accomplished. Check out the full article here


If Your Co-Workers Are 'Quiet Quitting,' Here's What That Means

Not taking your job too seriously has a new name: quiet quitting. The phrase is generating millions of views on TikTok as some young professionals reject the idea of going above and beyond in their careers, labeling their lesser enthusiasm a form of "quitting."It isn't about getting off the company payroll, these employees say.

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