BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - APRIL 18: Sushi chef Alejandro Lucino shows rolls he just made during virtual vegan sushi workshop on April 18, 2020 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due to the government-ordered lockdown, some food entrepreneurs and cooking workshops had to find alternatives to keep their business running. (Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images)

If you had to pick a type of food that just makes you happy you may have thought of a few good choices, like pizza or maybe even burgers. But what about sushi? Well, that’s where the love really is especially for states as diverse as ours, but which sushi roll is considered king in New Jersey? We may now have an answer thanks to this new study. 

Conducted by looking at the Google trends over the course of five years the team at Shane Co were able to figure out not only what New Jersey’s favorite sushi roll was, but as well as each state’s own favorite. Ours was the Spider roll and surprisingly we were the only state to favor this roll, unsurprisingly however the most favored across the nation was the California roll. Twenty-one states said it was their preferred favorite. Though for a full breakdown of the data check out the study here. 


Shane Co. study conducted on the the favorite sushi types of each state. (Photo by Shane Co.)

I’m all for a California roll as it’s a nice roll for those who have never had sushi before and may want to give it a try. Though of course, we would choose the Spider roll as our favorite, it’s spicy just like us here in New Jersey with a nice soft-shell crab being the main component of the roll. So, what do you think did this study get us right on the money or is there another type of sushi roll that you would have rather been chosen for New Jersey? And hey if you’ve never had sushi before and want to give it a try this might be your chance to visit one of the many awesome places within Middlesex or even throughout New Jersey. 

No matter what your favorite roll is be sure to keep up with all the latest studies and stories right here on Magic 98.3 as we gear up for a summer of fun all week and weekend long.  

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