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As discussed with Joel and Maryann this morning, a woman is lucky to be alive after a dollar bill almost killed her.

It was reported by WKRN, Nashville and according to Renee Parsons’ Facebook page, she spotted a dollar bill on the McDonald’s bathroom floor in Bellevue, Tennessee, so she did what any person would have done, she bent over and picked it up.

As soon as her skin made contact, she began feeling numb and her words began to slur. She recalled, “I couldn’t even breathe. It’s almost like a burning sensation, if you will, that starts here at your shoulders, and then it just goes down because it’s almost like it’s numbing your entire body.”

“Then she collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. Her husband said, “She looked like she was dying.”

Renee said she grabbed her husband with the hand that touched the dollar and he soon began feeling unwell. “My lips started going numb and my arm broke out in a rash,” he said.

His symptoms abated after an hour, but his wife faced a four-hour ordeal in the hospital for an accidental overdose.

Police believe that the dollar bill on the ground was laced with fentanyl, a powerful synthetic painkiller that’s 100 times stronger than morphine, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Authorities say the bill was most likely used to cut or store the opiate.

Renee says she is lucky to be alive and is now warning others that, should they also see money on the ground, to give it a wide berth. “I just want people to know because it could have been a child,” she said.

Fentanyl-laced dollar bills have also been found at two Tennessee gas stations. Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems warns the synthetic drug is very deadly, even in small doses.

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