Welcome to the future, where if a tatted-up person in your life dies, you can keep their ink on your shelf forever and ever.

Loudwire reports the tattoo preservation company Save My Ink Forever makes it possible for family members, friends, lovers and more to keep a piece of skin from their late, tattoo-laden loved one.

So, here’s how it works. When a tattooed person kicks the bucket and their loved ones want to hold onto their tattoos, they have the funeral home or crematory contact Save My Ink Forever 72 hours before the funeral.  When the body is prepped for its final destination, the mortician will cut the tattooed skin from the corpse and send it off to the tattoo-preservation place.

The skin will be preserved and framed “like a piece of art” before it’s sent back to the recipient. It takes about three months for the skin in a box to arrive by mail.

Save My Ink Forever is available in 21 states, per the area’s burial laws and whatnot.

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