Photo by Brenda Chase/Online USA, Inc.

Adam Sandler showed up to ‘Good Morning America’ with a black eye after he kicked his phone into his face while in bed. Time for ‘Weird Celebrity Injuries’. How Much Do You Know?

Hillary Swank…

A. smacked herself in the nose with a coffee mug
B. got stitches after being hit in the face with a pair of suspenders
C. got head butted in the face by her dog

Ben Stiller…

A. was bit on the chin by a ferret
B. nearly choked after swallowing a whole shrimp
C. cut up his hand after punching his computer monitor

Ed Sheeran…

A. cut up his foot by stepping on a guitar
B. got his face nicked by a sword held by Princess Beatrice
C. slipped and cracked his head on his mailbox

Zac Efron…

A. cut his hand while trying to open the packaging for his new laptop
B. nearly put his eye out with a pen while signing an autograph
C. had to get his mouth wired shut after slipping in a puddle