(Photo by: Charles Sykes/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to Summer. Time for ‘Celebrity Summer Jobs’.

Christopher Walken…

A. Delivered water
B. Worked at a cat sanctuary
C. Worked as a lion tamer


A. Worked at a Starbucks
B. Worked in a box office
C. Was a video game tester

Miley Cyrus…

A. Put together furniture
B. Worked at a cleaning service
C. Sold electronics

Nicki Minaj…

A. Was a server at a Red Lobster
B. Groomed pets
C. Stocked shelves at a grocery store

Harry Styles…

A. Worked at McDonald’s
B. Was a bus driver
C. Worked at a bakery


A. Swept up hair at her mother’s hair salon
B. Worked at Wendy’s
C. Sold phones at AT&T