Photographer: Lauren Justice/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand recently announced they were selling a diaper with gemstones and virgin alpaca hair. A pack of 12 costs $120. The diaper’s description read; ”Meet The Diapér. Our new disposable diaper lined with virgin alpaca wool and fastened with amber gemstones, known for their ancient emotional-cleansing properties. Infused with a scent of jasmine and bergamot for a revitalized baby.” Gwyneth then announced the diapers were fake. She says the purpose of the product was to make people mad. She wanted to shine a light on the fact that diapers are marketed as a luxury item.

Johnny Depp fans have spent $30,000 on attending his trial with Amber Heard. Many fans have camped out in their cars for a front-row seat in the Fairfax, Virginia courtroom. Sharon Smith lives in London. She placed her belongings in a storage unit and then flew to Virginia to support Johnny. Her trip has cost her over $10,000.

Jennifer Lopez is producing a new Cinderella series. The limited series will be based on Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version of Cinderella. No word on when it will air

NBC is going to air a new George Lopez sitcom called ”Lopez vs Lopez”. The show will follow him and his daughter as they try and live together.