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Moe may be around six years old, but he’s part old soul and part goofy teenager. With an orange and white coat and soulful green eyes, he captures the hearts of all who meet him. This boy is friendly and chatty, and will let you know with little meows when he’s looking for attention, and will reward your affection with deep purrs, head bonks, lovey eyes, and happy drooling. His ear-tip is a small reminder of his life outdoors, and he is beyond thrilled to leave those days in the past; this lover boy is way too sweet to be outside.

Moe will thrive with an adopter who can spend time with him, and shower him with love; this boy is certified lap cat material and craves human companionship. Because of his time spent on the streets, he’s not a fan of other cats, and would do best in a single cat home. No worries; his big personality, and devotion to his chosen humans, will fill your home with love! Moe is FIV+, but it doesn’t get him down; he knows that FIV+ cats can live long, healthy lives with proper vet care just like any other cat. Moe is FeLV negative, up to date with vaccinations, flea treated, dewormed, microchipped, and neutered. His birthday is estimated to be around 3/3/2016.

The time is coming closer to “Paws For Celebration” so we talked about the upcoming event on May 21st, and not only featured some adorable “adoptables” at The Mac Center, but cats in foster, too! There’s lots of ways you can volunteer for Karma Cat Zen Dog Rescue Society, so watch our latest video and get all the info!

Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society

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