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Logan is a striking, handsome boy. With his sleek tan tabby fur, white-spotted toes, round luminous eyes, and athletic physique, he will absolutely captivate you. Logan is an inquisitive, observant, and intelligent kitty, that will take notice and remember everything. He’s charming, flirty, outgoing, and curious; he wants to be where you are, and know what you’re up to, and even chat about it with little meows and chirps. He came into our care with an attitude that we had to address. After a few weeks, he has responded favorably to intense behavioral conditioning, and his sweeter side has come to the surface. He gets along with the other cats at the adoption center, and loves playing with the kittens. He could absolutely live in a home with a non-aggressive resident cat for a buddy, or as your one and only.

Logan is highly intelligent, and at a little over a year old, has lots of energy. He needs a home where his people will work with him daily through play to exercise both his body and his brain. He will continue to blossom with an experienced adopter who will help him feel safe and secure, patiently allow him to settle into his new home at his own pace, and give him lots of love and reassurance. We consider this special boy a work in progress, and he needs a adopter who will help him thrive, and continue to become the loyal and loving companion that we know he can be. Logan is FIV/FeLV negative, up to date with vaccinations, flea treated, dewormed, microchipped and neutered. His birthday is estimated to be around 10/16/2020.

The time is coming closer to “Paws For Celebration” so we talked about the upcoming event on May 21st, and not only featured some adorable “adoptables” at The Mac Center, but cats in foster, too! There’s lots of ways you can volunteer for Karma Cat Zen Dog Rescue Society, so watch our latest video and get all the info!

Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society

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