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With another Cinco De Mayo upon us, our friends at Shane Co. conducted a survey to find out how each state takes their Margarita. There are many different types including classic, strawberry, mango, spicy jalapeno, watermelon, and passion fruit. Tequila brands include Jose Cuervo, Patron, Casamigos, and Don Julio. Then there’s frozen or on the rocks with sea salt, regular salt or sugar. So what type of Margarita do New Jerseyans prefer? We like a classic Margarita, on the rocks with Patron and sea salt. New Yorkers also like it on the rocks with Patron and sea salt, but prefer a Mango Margarita.

Here are some other interesting insights:

  • 41% of Americans have sent a text they shouldn’t have after drinking margaritas

  • Almost a third of Americans would choose margaritas over coffee if they could only have 1 of the 2 for the rest of their lives

  • On average, Americans need about 3 margaritas for enough liquid courage to dance in public

You can find the full survey, and even find out how much Americans are spending on margaritas each year, here

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New Jersey Ranked Among Top 10 Best States For Working Moms

  • 10. New Hampshire

  • 9. New York

  • 8. New Jersey

  • 7. Vermont

  • 6. District Of Columbia

  • 5. Wisconsin

  • 4. Minnesota

  • 3. Rhode Island

  • 2. Connecticut

  • 1. Massachusetts

  • For more information on the full report, click below.