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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 13: Keke Palmer attends The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City.

By far one of the biggest names in modern-day horror is director/Writer Jordan Peele. Who has only worked on a handful of films so far, has amassed great success with all of them by creating unique concepts that tell a story that mixes with real-life issues as well as maintaining a horror element that fans love. Now his third horror film is simply titled Nope which has been gaining mass amounts of anticipation for its late July release. 

Most recently Director Jordan Peele has spoken up as to why he has given his film such a unique title. As with his prior films; Get Out (2017) and Us (2019) he has chosen this latest’s films title to reflect something that the audience feels. When faced with horror most people’s reaction would simply be to say nope. That overall feeling that audience members have while watching is something Jordan Peele wants to capture and use to make an impactful film. 

As the plot details have been kept a tight secret, however, what we do know is that we will be taken to a horse ranch somewhere in California, where a small town is caught up in what could be described as, an extraterrestrial activity that terrorizes our cast. Like Peele’s previous films, there may be a twist that nobody sees coming. Perhaps none of the things seen and experienced by the characters are real at all. 

No matter what the plot is we’re certain it will be an amazing piece that further cements Peele’s spot as a top-tier director. Perhaps this film will even earn him another Oscar which he won in 2017 for Best Original Screenplay for Get Out. Which was also nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year.  

Until then we are stuck waiting in anticipation for Nope as well as other summer hits that may just prove to be amazing films. Nope is set to hit theaters on July 22nd, 2022 just in time for the summer fun. Keep up with all the latest film and entertainment news right here on Magic 98.3 

Celebrate 'National Superhero Day" With These 5 Films

  • Logan (2017)

    We’ve seen Logan go through a pretty tough life, but despite his shortcomings, he became a hero as the Wolverine. Logan shows some of the low points that sometimes superpowers aren’t what they are all chalked up to be.

    However, even in one of the character’s lowest moments he can still be a hero to those in need. Of all the films featuring the iconic X-Men character, this is one we’re certain to remember.

  • Doctor Strange (2016)

    A classic introduction to a beloved character in the MCU. Doctor Strange is in my opinion a timeless film as we watch an average person lose it all. On top of being one of the most renowned doctors, the character we see is flawed. But through trial and tribulation, in the end, they are willing to sacrifice their eternality in order to save the world.

    With the next installment being one of the most anticipated superhero films in Marvel’s Phase Four, we’re excited to see what kind of stunts and magic the team behind it will be able to pull off.

  • Man of Steel (2013)

    Of course to be a superhero you have to be strong physically and mentally. The man of steel happens to be both, this caped crusader has been saving the world and defeating villains since 1939. However, it isn’t always easy being Superman. It certainly comes with a lot of pressure and even some fear from those who see what Superman could do.

    Despite this, he is a grade-A hero, but he couldn’t do it alone he had friends, family, and loved ones to help guide him. Man of Steel has to be one of our favorite films because it shows how someone who is trying to just be ordinary, can become a hero that the world needs.

  • The Dark Knight (2008)

    Bruce Wayne may not be your average joe schmoe, but he is a hero nonetheless, by not being the hero needs, but the one it deserves. Batman throughout his career since 1939 has been the dark and brooding protector of Justice. Having been a victim himself, we relate to his struggle as he is one of the only superheroes to not have any powers.

    Batman always understood that he must make sacrifices even if it’s his own reputation as a hero. Making this film a top-tier superhero movie, as we see him choose to become the “villain” in order to keep Harvey’s reputation and message clean.

  • Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

    Wonder Woman is one of the most well-known and beloved characters in the DC universe. And the same goes here as the films portraying the character are amazing examples of a hero putting duty before themselves. Wonder Woman 1984 may have gone under some people’s radar, due to other worldwide events.

    However we loved it, as it really teaches us the values of what to be a hero is. A lesson that we shouldn’t forget. We may get all we wish for, but it comes with a price and when Diana struggles with losing her loved ones. She choses to save the world making her one of our top heroes.