Cava sangria with rosemary lemonade and berries (Photo by Gado/Getty Images)

A Sunday brunch in New Jersey is only complete with a cocktail in hand – the question is, which one?

The team at Shane Co. battled the brunch cocktails head-to-head, Mimosa vs. Bloody Mary. Using five years of Google Trends search volume, they also found the most popular brunch cocktail in every state and the most popular juice in each state that might flavor their mimosas!

Here’s what they found:

  • New Jersey’s favorite brunch cocktail is Sangria.

  • In the brunch cocktail battle of Mimosa vs. Bloody Mary, New Jersey is team bottomless Mimosas!

  • To stay trendy in New Jersey, try ordering a Blood Orange Mimosa! That’s our most popular juice!

  • Overall, Screwdrivers were the most popular brunch cocktail and Mimosas were more popular than Bloody Marys.

Find each state’s favorite cocktail and juice mapped here.

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