Easter coincides with the change in weather this time of year and it’s the perfect time to start enjoying the outdoors.  We’re expecting some decent weather for this year’s Easter weekend.  If you have kids who are anticipating fun outdoor activities, these ideas might come in handy!

Flower Bingo

Print out a bingo board with images of flowers in your yard and garden and have the kids look at each flower and identify them.

Whoever gets “BINGO” gets a special candy prize!  The nice thing about this activity is you can allow multiple winners.

Easter Egg Hunt

The obvious choice for this time of year.  Hide some plastic eggs filled with candy and let the kids find them!  Keep extras aside just in case.

Plant Flowers

This is a simple activity with only one objective – to beautify the garden!

Head to your local garden center and pick up some flowers to plant with your kids.

Popular options for Easter are Daffodils, Crocuses, Hyacinths, Tulips, Hellebore, Hydrangeas, and Azaleas.

Easter Egg Race

Set a simple course to race along.

Give each participant a spoon and place a decorated egg on it. Hard-boiled or plastic ones will make less mess.

The first one to cross the finish line with their egg still on the spoon wins!

Easter Picnic

Set up a tent and the table with nice place settings and enjoy the nice weather.  Bring the meal outside for your enjoyment!


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