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Kitty Corner & Kennel Club


Hoppity is a young black and white mister who is a bit shy when you first meet him, but he grows more brave and more confident by the day. He adores being pet and will always be game for a scratches under the chin! He loves player laser, chasing springs, spinning balls around the track, and jumping for wand toys. He explores his environment more each day and loves having snuggle time. He would probably do best in a home with pet friends.

His curiosity leads him to follow humans around and with patience and a safe environment, he’s sure to be right in the middle of things in his forever home. Hoppity is up-to-date for his age on vaccines, is neutered and FIV/FEL negative. His estimated date of birth is 10/22/21.

We’re going “Paws In” for an upcoming “Pawty” to celebrate over 10 years of Rescue, Adoption, and helping animals find homes! This month we focused on the upcoming “Paws For Celebration” and we also had one member of the KCZD team make his video debut!

Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society

Magic 98.3’s “Kitty Corner and Kennel Club” is sponsored by Katie’s Pet Depot, on Route 130 in North Brunswick!