(Photo by NDZ/Star Max/GC Images)

What will Tik-Tok influencers think of next? A new Tik-Tok beauty trend has come about where young women are tattooing freckles, like hers, onto their faces. Several videos are popping up on social media of people injecting henna or black ink into their faces.  Some have had to seek medical attention because they got allergic reactions to the henna and some facing permanent scaring.  Tik Toker Tili Whitfield had to go to a plastic surgeon after her amateur tattooing left her with scores of red marks on each of her cheeks. She was trying to achieve the same freckles Meghan has.

Another warning is by using needles which may have not been sterilized pose a health threat like contracting  hepatitis! Tattoo artists must have a license don’t be a DIY-er when it comes to your face!

I get the craze  because I once painted a beauty mark above the right part of my upper lip with a black eyeliner to look like Cindy Crawford!  Embrace your own natural beauty – Maryann Morgan


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