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According to Science News, while trees provide oxygen, dead trees also give off gases that may be silent, but also deadly. These gases have been assigned the scientific moniker “Tree Farts.” While the name may make you giggle, its effects are causing a not so funny result.

damaged trees

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Many ecologists examined this gas emission in forests. These “ghost forests” form when rising sea levels poison the woodlands and leave a bunch of dead trees. These dead trees account for about 20% of the greenhouse gases emitted in the forests examined in the study, and are expected to expand with climate change.

If a tree farts in the woods…

Survey Shows Decorating Eggs Is A Key Part of Easter Tradition

  • 1.

    When it comes to decorating, 81 percent plan to purchase a kit to help them in their endeavor.

  • 2.

    Convenience (64 percent), ease of use (59 percent) and tradition (40 percent) are the typical reasons people purchase egg decorating kits.

  • 3.

    PAAS® was overwhelmingly the favorite egg decorating brand.

  • 4.

    The least favorite part of decorating? That would be accidentally cracking the egg, at 41 percent.

  • 5.

    Purple is the leading favorite Easter egg color at 31 percent, followed by blue at 24 percent, pink at 19 percent and green at 10 percent.

  • 6.

    And the good news is those decorated eggs don’t go to waste, with 66 percent saying they eat their decorated eggs, 42 percent use them in egg hunts, 36 percent enjoy displaying their creativity, and only 10 percent throw them away.