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(Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)


A lot of people are stunned that the reality series in which contestants bake cakes that look like everyday object like a sneaker or a purse or a kids toy Is It Cake is now ranked as No. 1 on Netflix’s daily ratings.


Today is one of the busiest days in Hollywood as celebrities meet with their stylists to try on their outfits for the Academy Awards. The celebs want to make sure they are comfortable in their formal wear so no wardrobe malfunctions occur.


Some people are questioning whether or not legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk is worthy of presenting at the Academy Awards on Sunday. He answered critics by posting; ”If being in every Jackass movie, xXx, Police Academy 4 and Sharknado 5 doesn’t qualify me to present at the Oscars, then your taste in movies needs readjusting. (I’m presenting, btw)”


Bravo is switching things up for season 14 of RHONY. They are looking for a group of women who are real friends, and who are of diverse backgrounds, races, and religions.


Several Las Vegas producers are developing a Jaws-themed musical for Broadway. The musical is titled ”Bruce”. Bruce was the unofficial name of the mechanical shark used in Steven Spielberg’s movie.