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(Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

According to a new survey by Peperami some of us do very interesting things while in the bathroom. For most of us the bathroom is used for what it was meant for, brushing our teeth, bathing or the other thing. However, this survey reveals that 1 in 5  will actually EAT while on the toilet or in the shower. 5% say that they like to eat while making love.


About 20% also say they’ve eaten out of the trash. Here’s the list of places we like to sneak a snack:

  1. In bed
  2. While driving
  3. On the stairs
  4. In the bathtub
  5. The shed
  6. A public stairwell
  7. On the toilet
  8. In an elevator
  9. In a storage room at work
  10. During exercise
  11. In the hot tub
  12. In a laundry room
  13. Up in the attic
  14. In a swimming pool
  15. A public changing room
  16. In a child’s playhouse
  17. A public toilet
  18. In a closet
  19. In the basement
  20. Inside a freezer room at work

Check out the full survey and story here