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Last week we were all talking about a giant asteroid that was expected to hit earth in 2023, but astronomers said they miscalculated and it would not collide with us.

Now we learn that our atmosphere has been hit with an asteroid and astronomers only learned about it a couple hours before it hit. You’d think this is horrible, how can this happen? Well, small asteroids are difficult to track and this particular asteroid, called 2022-eb5 was only about 6 ½ feet wide and was traveling at 11 miles per second or 39,000 miles an hour. It entered and exploded in our atmosphere with the impact of about 2000 tons of dynamite over the Arctic Ocean. They say it’s good news because this is the 4th asteroid of its kind that’s been discovered before it actually hits, and that means we’re getting better at early detection. Therefore, we have nothing to worry about…until next week’s asteroid news.

Coincidentally, “Asteroids” is my favorite classic video game, so we’ve got that going for us.

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