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The fight for number one fried chicken chain just got a big update as a new competitor has announced plans to set up a shop across the northern part of the Garden State. The popular North Carolina based fast food chain Bojangles announced they will be opening up to ten locations across New Jersey. 

The chain which opened in 1977 has been operating for over forty years opening over 700 locations across 14 U.S States. But they are most known for their menu item ‘Legendary Iced Tea’ which they promote as a fan favorite. But how does their Cajun-seasoned fried chicken compare to other well seated brands such as Popeyes or Chick-Fil-A?  They are known for following other companies in posting meme like content. A trend which started a few years back.

Well ever since the chicken sandwich craze turned the fast-food industry upside down in 2019, it looks like Popeyes and Burger King as well as other chains like KFC have really stepped up their game which was previously dominated by Georgia based Chick-Fil-A which at one point or another help roughly 41% of money spent on chicken sandwich delivery orders.  

However, others in recent years have been overtaking the popular chain in terms of style, flavor and even crispiness as one popular Youtuber Matthew Patrick, with his channel Food Theory took the top chicken sandwiches and ran them through different scientific tests. From his conclusions Chick-Fil-A didn’t place in the top three, now how will this effect Bojangles? Well in terms of popularity moving to being more Northeastern will be great as Bojangles already has locations spreading out through other states like Pennsylvania. All in an attempt to increase brand recognition. 

While it remains a mystery where exactly these locations will be set up, we do know they will be in counties like Essex, Union and most importantly Middlesex County. Who knows, we could see one right here in New Brunswick. But what do you think about this? Some believe New Jersey already has enough chains like Wawa which has been crushing it by opening more and more locations each year in New Jersey. Let us know what you think and join in as we discuss the future plans for New Jersey.  

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