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You may have heard us talking about this on the show; the most unbelievable thing happened to me early this morning. I usually get to the station by 4:15, I was running about 20 minutes late. I pulled into the empty parking lot and raced into my normal spot right in front of the entrance. I grabbed my hot beverage from the cup holder, hopped out and hurriedly began a slow jog towards the building. I halted my trot so quickly that a bit of my tea continued its forward progression and spilled onto the pavement. I saw something I’d never seen, and that something was between me and the studio door. It was an animal that I identified immediately, a SKUNK! You’re probably thinking, “Are you saying you’ve never seen a skunk?” Yes, I have seen skunks before, in fact, I’ve seen this particular skunk before. She (I named her Brenda) is often scampering about when I arrive each morning. I also see the occasional raccoon (also named Brenda) and a groundhog I named Brenda. We also have several cats that we feed daily. However, this morning was quite different. Brenda the skunk was standing directly in my path leading to the entrance, and what’s worse, she wasn’t moving. Malodorous Brenny had a clear plastic Wawa cup stuck over her head. She must have been tasting the remnants of someone’s strawberry banana cream smoothie. THIS IS TERRIBLE! Brenda may suffocate! And I NEED TO GET TO WORK!!! So, I had to make a decision which I quickly narrowed down to three options:

  1. Try to race by without getting sprayed
  2. Try to scare her away
  3. Risk getting zapped by her stink while attempting to save her.

You’ll be happy to know I chose “C.” Now, how was I going to do that? At first, I grabbed a stick, but didn’t think it was long enough as I envisioned a possible tomato juice bath after getting nailed with a stream of Brenda’s stanky spritz. I grabbed a stone about the size of my fist, creeped slowly towards the beast to get as close as I possibly could. Next, like David in the bible I slung the stone hitting Brenda right in her cupped skull! First try! The cup broke free as I ran for my life in the opposite direction. If this were a carnival game I’d surely be walking away with the grand prize! Brenda stood dazed for a few seconds and then slowly wandered off onto the grass. I’m not going to say I saved her life, however, that was a wonderful way to start my day, I highly recommend it!

Lover of animals,