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I received a phone call from a lovely lady named Lisa in need of some help from her community in hopes of finding her family’s missing dog, Diesel.

He is a trained service dog and she retired him in April to live out his golden years when they found out he was terminal. Diesel requires medicine 2 times a day and now doesn’t have access to his medication.

Lisa is a heart patient and her son is Autistic and Diesel plays a huge roll in their everyday lives. They are offering a reward for his return, no questions asked. Her son Hunter does not elope feelings and Hunter does not communicate feelings except to Diesel.

He was last seen with his collar on which is a black cord intertwined with chain with a silver and black dog bone tag. One side has his name and the other side has their address and both Lisa’s & her husband’s phone numbers. The picture in the snow (see below) was only a few days before he was taken which was on Sunday between 4 and 5:30pm while they were outside.

If you or anyone you know has any information on Deisel, please help their best friend come home. They need him and he needs them.