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Kelly Clarkson’s messy divorce from her former manager Brandon Blackstock has made her watch out for “red flags” in relationships, and although she’s open to love again, she says that she will be quite careful if and when she enters another relationship.

Kelly also said that she has “no regrets” about the past. People reported that Clarkson said on a podcast earlier this week, “I regret nothing. Even unfortunate things that happen in your life or hard things, ’cause we can do hard things.”

She added, “But also I feel like that’s what shapes you, it’s what makes you a better person, it’s what makes you recognize: OK I missed those red flags, I missed that, I ignored that on purpose.”

Kelly then joked that she almost called her next album “Red Flag Collector,” saying, “I mean… I’m just collecting them. I was apparently wanting to do some kind of exhibit with a lot of them.”

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