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We all know the story of how Blake Shelton wrote a song called “Reach The Stars” for his bride Gwen Stefani and used the lyrics as his vows, but what some may not know is that Gwen wrote a song called “Rare” inspired by her love for Blake on her 2016 This is What The Truth Feels Like album.

Gwen said to Shelton during a recent interview, “I wrote this song on my This Is What The Truth Feels Like album, which was the album I wrote when I was actually falling in love with you, Blake Shelton.”

She explained, “So half the album is heartbroken, ‘I want to die’ songs. And then halfway through writing that album, I met my best friend for life, Blake Shelton. And then I started writing songs about you, and you are my muse. And there’s a song on the album that I don’t feel like was a single, that should’ve been a single, that I want people to hear.”

The song’s lyrics sing in the chorus, “You’re rare And I’m loving every second of it, don’t you know? You’re rare / And only a stupid girl would let you go / You’re so good and you don’t even know it / You’re so good and you don’t even know You’re rare.”

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani