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Spencer is a gorgeous senior kitty with big, adorable puppy eyes. Those sweet peepers will pull you right in and you’ll never be able to say no giving him more pets – which is exactly what Mr. Spancer loves to get! Spencer’s foster family say that they have never met a kitty who loves petting more than him – he’ll poke you gently with his paw, and thank you with a cute little meow when he gets what he wants. He’s a super easy-going boy who loves to lounge and get his snuggle time. Not big into toys, Spencer’s best match would be as best friend to someone in a quiet home who wants a snuggle buddy. He would be your constant companion and best friend.

Our latest video is all about Fundraising, “Experienced” cats, and some good “mews” for 5 kittens who have the gift of sight thanks to our friends at KCZD!

Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society

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