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Amaretto and Hazelnut

Hazelnut has gorgeous dark fur, and a personality that shines brining than the sun! She loves to play until she’s too tired and then you can find her curled up somewhere for a nap. When you notice it’s quiet, that’s how you know she’s resting somewhere until her next zoomie session. During cuddle sessions, she purrs like there’s no tomorrow. Her favorite pass time is climbing and turning everything she finds into a toy. Hazelnut’s current partner in crime is Amaretto, but can be adopted alone as long as there’s another cat at home that she can become besties with.

Our latest video is all about Fundraising, “Experienced” cats, and some good “mews” for 5 kittens who have the gift of sight thanks to our friends at KCZD!

Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society

Listen to Joel and Maryann in the Morning talk about the “Eyelid Kittens”

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