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As regal looking as her name implies, Duchess is a beautiful tabby with a white chin and hints of orange throughout her soft coat. This senior girl is as sweet and cuddly as can be. She greets her foster mom every morning with her purr motor on full volume while snuggling up close face-to-face. Duchess does enjoy playtime with her wand toys, after which she loves curling up for a nap in her cozy bed. Her foster dad gets no complaints when he’s holding her, still purring up a storm. Duchess also gets along well with her canine foster brother. Duchess would do well with an adopter who has lots of love to give and will enjoy all the love she has to offer in return.

Our latest video is all about Fundraising, “Experienced” cats, and some good “mews” for 5 kittens who have the gift of sight thanks to our friends at KCZD!

Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society

Listen to Joel and Maryann in the Morning talk about the “Eyelid Kittens”

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